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COVID-19 has had an unprecedented impact on countries, states, communities, and people, resulting in many challenges and difficult decisions. San Manuel Casino was the first California tribal property to temporarily suspend operations effective Sunday, March 15.

In order to safeguard public health, the welfare and safety of our Tribal citizens, team members, and surrounding communities, the closure of the Tribe’s business enterprise was the only responsible course of action.

We are so excited that through the hard work and collaboration of our Tribe, Business Committee, Casino Leadership and team members, we have carefully developed a framework of standards to re-open our casino safely, thoughtfully, and in conjunction with advice from internal and external industry experts.

As information and guidance on COVID-19 continues to evolve, we will also respond quickly to modify our procedures and requirements as needed.
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12/3 Update
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From day one of the pandemic, we have made health and safety our top focus and we have persistently adhered to the most rigorous of safety standards. Thanks in large part to widespread compliance with our best-in-class health and safety protocols, and stringent enforcement provided by Department of Public Safety and our health screeners, we feel confident in our plan to continue operating our businesses as we have been.


While regions have both relaxed and tightened these standards throughout the year as COVID-19 infection rates have ebbed and flowed, our businesses have maintained and augmented our original protocols.


When San Manuel Casino reopened, we implemented some of the most stringent and robust health and safety protocols in our industry.


The San Manuel Business Committee and our executive leadership are actively monitoring the landscape and evaluating guidance from our retained medical experts and county public health officials.

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SAFTEY UPDATE: As the situation around COVID-19 continues to evolve, so must our health and safety plans. With the advice of medical experts, we have determined that Face coverings with exhalation valves and vents will no longer be permitted.


  • Guests must wear a face covering to enter and wear it while on property. Face coverings may be removed to consume food or beverages. Face coverings with exhalation valves and vents will not be permitted. Info here
  • Smoking (and vaping) will be limited to designated areas, which for now will be located outside of the casino.
  • Alcohol service will be provided at slots and table games only. 
  • Health screenings will be conducted upon entry. Those with a temperature of 100.4°F or above will not be allowed to enter.
  • Respect social distancing.
  • Appropriate social distancing requirements shall be visually demarcated, where possible, with signage or queue markers.
  • Reduced number of slot machines in operation with chairs removed to allow for social distancing.
  • Reduced number of table games with two positions available per table to allow for social distancing.
    • Clear plexiglass has been placed between the dealer and players to increase safety measures.
    • Cards will be switched out every 8 hours.
    • Mystery Card Roulette is now available
    • For Poker derivatives, players will no longer touch the cards.
    • Chip cleaning will take place nightly, and throughout the day - previous cleaning schedule was twice per month.
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Sharecare VERIFIED® with Forbes Travel Guide
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San Manuel Casino is proud to announce that it is among the first entertainment venues in the world to become Sharecare Health Security VERIFIED® with Forbes Travel Guide. The comprehensive facility verification helps ensure that guests and travel planners can visit with confidence at properties that have appropriate health safety procedures in place. 

Full Press Release

Video: Health Security Verification From Sharecare and Forbes Travel Guide

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Meet our Safety Concierge
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As we reopen there will be many changes, including new roles on our team. We’re excited to introduce the newest role, Guest Safety Concierge. In this role, the Guest Safety Concierge will be responsible for conducting visual observations throughout the Casino 24/7 to help maintain operational health and safety standards set by the Casino.


- Promote social distancing practices amongst guests and team members.


- Encourage and direct guests to use hand sanitizer stations located throughout the casino floor.


- Monitor the casino floor, gaming areas and all public areas to ensure proper social distancing and that hygiene practices are followed.


- Manage crowd control lines.


- The Concierge will also serve as an ambassador to ensure we are following CDC guidelines and other applicable guidance related to COVID-19.

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San Manuel Casino Health & Safety Plan
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We have carefully developed a framework of standards to reopen our Tribal enterprises safely, thoughtfully, and in conjunction with advice from internal and external industry experts.  We aim to do all we can to reduce the spread of COVID-19, while balancing the very real economic needs of not only our Nation, but the thousands of families that depend upon us for their livelihoods. The standards outlined in this plan are designed to assist in the prevention and control of potential outbreaks of COVID-19, and apply to our guests, team members, and vendors.  As information and guidance available on COVID-19 continues to evolve, we will also respond quickly to modify our procedures and requirements as needed.


Our reopening framework was built around eight primary standards, with specific guidelines and best practices under each category. These standards will serve as our San Manuel safety and responsibility promises to our guests and team members moving forward.

  1. Hand washing, hand sanitizing and wearing gloves.
  2. Frequent cleaning and disinfecting of all enterprise spaces, facilities and equipment.
  3. Implementation of additional food safety initiatives for preparation and service.
  4. New protocols identifying and caring for those exhibiting any symptoms of illness.
  5. Implementation of health screenings at all facility entry points.
  6. Adoption of social distancing policies to maintain safe distances between individuals.
  7. Cloth face covering requirements while visiting and working at our facilities. Face coverings may be removed to consume food or beverages and while smoking.
  8. Providing the best, most updated information and team member training available.
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Food & Beverage Information
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Will all of your restaurants be open for dining? 
Due to the new measures in place and as we prepare our teams for new processes and procedures, we will reopen with some of our restaurants, with simplified menus offering takeout orders only. There will be no self-serve beverages or condiments. Click here for our available dining options. 


Will bars be open?
As of March 11, 2021, all bars will be open for service.


At your bars, will your table-top gaming options be available?
Yes, all tabletop video poker machines will be available every other seat to ensure appropriate physical distancing.


When will the restaurants be open for dine in/sit down service?

Dine-in service will resume in our restaurants in phases once our operations can implement the necessary safety requirements. We will monitor the situation and take guidance from health officials to determine when it is appropriate and safe to do so.

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Gaming & Entertainment Information
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Are all of San Manuel Casino’s Table Games open to the public?
A reduced number of table games will be available at this time with four positions in use per table (three positions for Roulette) to allow for social distancing. San Manuel Craps, Blackjack Arena will remain temporarily closed.


Are all of the High Limit Rooms open to the public?
At San Manuel Casino we strive to offer a best in class experience to all of our guests. Due to the current safety protocols we only have a limited number of gaming positions available reserved for Diamond members and above. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and look forward to when we can have our previous capacity and entrance requirements back.


Will there be a time limit on slots or table games?
No, there will not be time limits enforced on table games or slots.


Are you going to allow smoking or have designated smoking areas? 
Smoking will be limited to designated areas, which for now will be located outside of the casino.


Where is the smoking area located?
The smoking area will be located outside the valet exit/entrance on the 1st floor


Does your smoking policy apply to vaping as well?
Yes, vaping must be done in the designated area, which for now will be located outside of the casino.


Will you still sell nicotine products at the casino?
Yes, they will still be available at select shopping outlets.


Is the change permanent?
This change is temporary and will ensure that all guests and team members are supporting the facial covering mandates in California.


If I go outside do I have to be re-screened to enter the casino again?
When heading outside to the designated smoking area, you will be given a re-entry pass which you will present as you re-enter. You will not be required to go through the health screening again upon re-entry.


Will you have promotions like your car giveaways when you reopen? 
Upon reopening, we will not be hosting any promotions or events right away to avoid the need for guests to stand in a line or crowd in one place. Health and safety remains our first priority for everyone.


When will you start doing promotions/car giveaway again?
When the time is right, we will return with the promotions and events you know and love. For certain drawings, we will carry over any entries that were earned in March before the closure.


What happens with the Million Dollar Moment promotion? 
The Million Dollar Moment will resume later this year after we lift the capacity of the casino. For such a big prize at stake, we want everyone who has earned entries to be able to enter the casino and participate without capacity restrictions.


Will I still have to go to the kiosks to get my offers? 
For your birthday offers, table games offers and offers that are only available in certain areas, yes. For the majority of Free Play offers, you will be able to bypass the kiosks and go directly to your favorite slot machine where the offer will be loaded directly to your player’s card. There will be clear instructions along with each offer that is sent to you.


What will happen with the progressives when the Casino was closed? Will they all be at the same level when you reopen?
The progressive jackpots are exactly where they were when we closed the casino on March 15, 2020. They will pick right back up where they left off when we reopen.


What if the machine I want to play is off?
We have made an effort to ensure the most popular and beloved games are available to our guests, but if you find that your favorite game is not available, please voice your concern to our Slot Management team. We will do our best to make adjustments within a reasonable amount of time.


Are you going to tighten your slots?
No games have been adjusted. All games will be in the same locations with the same settings; however, some games will be out of service to allow for social distancing.


Will you have live entertainment?
We will not have live entertainment in any of our venues. The Tukut Lounge will be temporarily closed.

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Health and Safety Information
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What are you doing to keep things clean? 
We are taking several measures above and beyond our usual standards for sanitization. Some of those measures are:

  • We are conducting a deep clean & disinfection by a commercial cleaning company prior to re-opening.
  • High touch surfaces will be cleaned & disinfected four times per shift.
  • We have implemented a Sanitizing Strike force, which is an additional level of high touch disinfecting & spraying by dedicated team.
  • Electrostatic sprayers will be used for increased disinfection throughout the property.
  • Hand sanitizing stations have been placed throughout the casino floor.
  • We are utilizing EPA approved cleaning supplies.
  • We have made several changes and/or upgrades to our existing HVAC system:
    • The current system includes an advanced 5 stage filtration and purification, disinfects against coronavirus per vendor analysis.
    • All new UV lights have been installed and the air handler was deep cleaned for reopening.
    • We will change all HEPA and Carbon filters every 2 months instead of 4-6 months recommended by vendors.
    • We have set it to increase outside air exchange bringing fresh air into the casino floor more frequently.


Are employees being screened before coming to work each day?
Yes, just like guests, each of our team members must undergo a health screening when they enter the building. Those with a temperature of 100.4°F or above are not permitted inside. Each of our team members has taken a special COVID-19 training which covers the basics of safe hygiene, face coverings, social distancing, and illness reporting. Those who work in certain areas are being certified in increased and additional sanitization methods.


What should I do if someone near me isn’t wearing a mask or maintaining their distance?
Please inform any team member if you see someone not following our posted guidelines. We do not encourage you to engage with other guests and prefer that you let our trained team members address these issues.


Is there a limit to how many people per elevator? Will a team member be monitoring?
There will be a limit of 4 people in elevators. We will have dedicated team members monitoring elevator capacity on all levels of the gaming floor.

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Shopping Information
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Will all of your shopping outlets be open? 
Due to the new measures in place and as we prepare our teams for new processes and procedures, we will reopen some of our shops with reduced operational hours, new social distancing guidelines and cleaning procedures, new touchless payment options including Apple Pay and Google Pay, and a max of six guests in the store at any time. Our available shopping venues can be found here


If 1891 Boutique changing rooms are closed, will you accept returns and for how long?
The fitting rooms will be closed at reopening, but we will aim to open them quickly with safety guidelines in place. Our current exchange policy of 10 days will be extended to a 30-day exchange. It is exchange only, returns are not accepted.


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Transportation and Parking Information
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Will valet parking be available? 
Valet parking and shuttle service is temporarily unavailable. All guests will park in the North Parking structure and utilize the entrance connected to the overhead walkway. A drop off zone will be designated for handicap or disabled guests on Level 4 of the parking garage.


Will I still be able to take a bus to your casino with a group? 
We have temporarily suspended our bussing program for the time being.


Will motorhomes, RV’s and trailers still be allowed?
Over-sized vehicles (8’ 2”) will not be permitted.


Will the parking garage charging stations be available?
Yes, charging stations will still be available to guests in the North parking garage.


Can I still take a Taxi/Uber/Lyft to the Casino?
Yes, we will still have a ride share pick up & drop off zone located on the C level of the North parking garage.

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Additional Information
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Will you still have a lost and found?
Yes, lost & found items will be bagged and/or handled with gloves.


Do you have wheelchairs available for your guests?
Due to safety regulations, we cannot provide complimentary wheel chairs at this time.


What is your Baggage Policy? 
Our baggage policy will remain in affect with baggage checks at all entrances.


Does San Manuel Casino allow pets?
San Manuel Casino allows service animals on its premises to provide assistance to people with disabilities, in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  Under the ADA, "a service animal is a dog that has been individually trained to assist a person with a disability."  See more information on ADA service animals, and for San Manuel's service animal policy.


Please note: No other pets are allowed on the Casino premises.

Click here for more Frequently Asked Questions.

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